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In our journey as a young family, we have dreamed to create a community of timber frame farmhouses in our home town designed + built by my husband and his team + I. In the mean time, we sold our 2,000 sq foot home that we truly believed would be our forever home, while raising our babies. And, you guessed it, built this 340 sq foot tiny house to live in while we build a home of our own amongst our dream community. 

Between our busy lives as working as an ER and L+D nurse, hosting Juneberry Vintage Markets, and running a construction company, the project took us about a year + a half. We have been so blessed to have this adventure together as a family of {four}. We are continuing to learn lessons on the daily of minimalism and implementing these principles to our growing children. The things in life that we simply do not need + how we can share those things with others we love. Tiny house living is truly a lifestyle. Though, we do not plan to be here forever, we are {trying} to embrace this season of life with a whole lot of grace + prayer.

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